Ready to volunteer?

Application 3.2016  If you would like to be a part of the volunteer team, please print out the volunteer application and mail it or drop off to the Crisis Shelter, 1218 West State Street, New Castle, PA 16101

Hotline Coverage:
Anyone interested in answering the hotline or working directly with clients would be provided with a free 80 hour training course

You may choose to provide child care for a mom who is in a group session or at an outside appointment.  Participants will be provided with a free 15 hour training course

This gives volunteers an opportunity to assist in events such as:
~~~Annual Auction – March 3, 2018
~~~Golf Outing – TBA (June, 2018)
~~~Dining For Good Living – TBA (November, 2018)

Clerical Work:
You may wish to donate your time:
~~~assisting with general office duties
~~~bulk mailing preparation

Maintenance & Repairs:
~~~Lawn care
~~~Flower garden maintenance

Cell Phone Collection:
Place cell phone collection boxes at businesses, churches, schools, etc. and visit them every couple of months and simply bring the phones into the Crisis Shelter.  We supply the boxes.  These unused cell phones can only be used to dial 911 are given to women to use in emergency situations.   This gives a woman in a precarious situation, peace of mind knowing she can access police at a moment’s notice.  Phones that can’t be distributed in our center are used as a fund-raiser, being sent out to be refurbished and used at other centers.

Share a hobby or craft with women in shelter/transitional housing

Encourage women experiencing abuse to call the Crisis Shelter. Help a child who has suffered from domestic violence or sexual assault by encouraging their parents or guardians to call the Crisis Shelter

“I encourage everyone to let others help. There are people everywhere that want nothing more but the best for you and will stand by your side through the entire process.”