Used Clothing Donations

At this time the Crisis Shelter is not able to accept clothing donations.  Because you are so generous, we LACK SPACE.

We ask that you take your clothing donations to the Goodwill on the Ellwood Road in Shenango Township in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  They give vouchers to our residents/clients, free of charge, to shop for clothing and household items for their families.  This allows our residents/clients to shop in a dignified manner in a store-like atmosphere.

Thank you for your support!  We appreciate our many community partners.


“I enrolled back in college and have been named to the Dean’s List each semester. I am working toward a degree in Social Work, so that one day I can look into the teary eyes of a broken woman and tell her without hesitation that she can have the life she dreams about; she can live without fear; she can find the strength to do it, because I too, was once a teary-eyed, broken woman who found help at the Crisis Shelter.”